The rumor of ‘Space Jam 2’ won’t stay dead as LeBron James has just hinted that the film might still be happening. While the film hasn’t officially been announced there have been multiple attempts by Warner Brothers to get LeBron in the starring role. Actually the rumor that things were going forward initially kicked off last year when it was said that the film was happening. Brian Windhorst who does NBA coverage for ESPN debunked the rumor but the rumor still persists.

So how is Lebron keeping said rumor alive? A simple tweet of course:

While that isn’t a statement that the film is happening, it is by no stretch trying to deny it either. Having just starred in the film ‘Trainwreck,’ it is clear that he has an interest in pursuing acting. With starting his SpringHill Entertainment production banner which has just made a strategic partnership with Warner Brothers Entertainment, it seems that the athlete is now in prime position to work with the studio. He already is working with the company so if they wanted to include him acting in a movie as well it seems like a no brainer.

While we don’t know much about the film we do know that he would be taking over the lead role which Michael Jordan had in the first as someone who has to help the Looney Tunes save the day. Will it be a straight follow up with aliens trying once again to make a play at these animated legends or an entirely new threat? All I know is that they’d better find a way to talk Jordan to comeback for at least a cameo.

Are you excited to think that ‘Space Jam 2’ might actually happen or is this a project best left alone to not actually happen?

Source: Cinema Blend