Michael J Fox is clearly onboard with Robert Zemeckis about a reboot of ‘Back to the Future’.

Last month in an interview with ‘The Telegraph’ Zemeckis stated that a reboot of the franchise would never happen until both he and ‘BttF’ cowriter Bob Gale were dead. Fox echoed Zemeckis’ feelings at the 30th anniversary reunion of ‘Back of the Future’ at the London Film and Comic-Con this weekend. However, Fox’s reasoning had more to do with the DeLorean than artistic integrity.

“I wish I had a video, a gag reel of how many times I was hit by that freakin’ door, the DeLorean door,” Fox stated at a panel with his costars including Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd. “Take after take, it would go, ‘Whack!’”

Fox didn’t take much pleasure in operating the vehicle either.

“It was the worst thing to drive. It had two gears and I slammed the door, and my hand would smash into the flux capacitor. My hand would be bleeding, my head would be bleeding… and I had to clean it off to get to the ‘Family Ties’ set.”

Above all, we shouldn’t expect see Marty McFly in a new iteration of ‘Back to the Future’ any time soon.

“The money it would take to get me back into the DeLorean again is a lot.”

While he may have disappointed some people that were hoping for a new ‘Back to the Future’ movie, Fox had some very sentimental things to say to the fans in attendance.

“Here you guys are happily dressed as other people, other characters, crazy costumes and stuff—but you’re the most genuine, real people I’ve ever met.”

He continued, “I’ve met people with their heart on their sleeves, and they love what they are, they love being together and doing the things they enjoy. And if that’s a nerd, then that’s what Marty is.”

Source: RadioTimes