With True Believers currently in the thick of ‘Secret Wars,’ Marvel Comics has already started to tease what they have in store when the company-wide event wraps up this fall. Labeled as All-New All-Different Marvel, the new initiative from the House of Ideas will see around 60 new titles coming to your local comic shop including ‘Invincible Iron Man,’ ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Doctor Strange,’ and ‘Captain Marvel.’ But now we know another web-slinging hero that will make it out of Battleworld to headline her own ongoing series once again.

According to IGN, Gwen Stacy will once again star in ‘Spider-Gwen’ this fall. And unlike a number of other books announced so far, the ‘Spider-Verse’ stand out will be coming back with its creative team intact as writer Jason Latour, artist Robbi Rodriguez, and colorist Rico Renzi will all return to Earth-65 to explore this alternate universe where Peter Parker perished and Gwen Stacy became Spider-Woman.

To be clear, you didn’t read that wrong. Gwen will still be in her own alternate universe after ‘Secret Wars’ despite the event eliminating the multiverse and replacing it with Battleworld. On one hand it sounds like things will somewhat be back to normal in the fall, but does that mean that we won’t see Spider-Gwen in the main Marvel Universe like some promotional material leads us to believe? Latour clears things up a bit:

“It’s a little of column A and a little of column B. The main focus of our first arc is on Gwen Stacy’s continuing adventures within her own universe (Earth-65), it’s pretty essential to who this Gwen Stacy is to have her own supporting cast and villains and problems. But Spider-Gwen was born out of a multiversal crossover event so the opportunity to hop around has always been present and honestly is just too fun to resist. So yeah, bouncing over to the 616 now and then is something we’re eager to explore too.”

So where will ‘Spider-Gwen’ #1 pick up after it’s first five-issue storyline titled ‘Most Wanted’ and Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Secret Wars’? In addition to tying up some loose ends from the first story and learning the secret history of Gwen and Peter, we’ll be introduced to Norman and Harry Osborn as well. Here’s the official synopsis of the upcoming relaunch for one of the hottest new characters in comics today:

Someone out there has recreated Peter Parker’s Lizard formula. The same formula that ultimately cost him his life and branded Gwen a fugitive. And she won’t let it happen again! But with NYPD Captain Frank Castle and the Kingpin of Crime Matt Murdock both on her tail, that’ll prove easier said than done. Who could be behind all of this? The answers will shock you!

Based on my experience with plays on words, that last sentence screams Electro or Shocker to me, but we’ll see who Spider-Gwen comes face to face with when her new series launches in the fall. Until then, what do you think about the latest addition to All-New All-Different Marvel? Sound off in the comments.