NBC is hedging its bets on their return to the world of ‘Heroes Reborn‘ by teaming up with Titan Comics to expand into the print market with a tie-in comic book series. At this time we don’t know much about it but we do know that the comic will be written by Seamus Kevin Fahey who is the supervising producer on the show and Zach Craley with art being handled by Rubine. The plan is for this to be a five-issue mini-series which will focus around one of the new characters and their origin.

There is no word at this time which character they will be focusing on or if any other characters from the ‘Heroes’ universe will be involved. It wouldn’t surprise me if they somehow made a mention of the original or upcoming series. If anyone was ripe for making a cameo my guess would be either The Haitian or Noah Bennett that we could see popping up.

Chris Teather, Titan’s publishing director, says that the series will be “created in close collaboration with the team behind the NBC show” so that the plot and characters flow smoothly together. He also describes the miniseries by saying “These aren’t just comics; they’re bonus episodes!”

During the original run of ‘Heroes,’ we had seen the creators work with DC Entertainment for publishing graphic novels that had collected the web comics which were released. While this time they will be going with an original story specifically for print. It should be noted that this isn’t Fahey’s first rodeo on creating a comic adaptation of a show that he’s written for as he had previously worked on Dynamite Entertainment’s ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ Not only do we have a lot of talent going into this but it is talent with the experience to make it work.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter