The Truth is Out There… are the fans?  Fox hopes so as it dusts off its long-running hit ‘The X-Files’ for a six episode return this winter.  The network has been playing coy with X-Philes, releasing only the vaguest of tweets, but they are finally relenting and serving up something that should get viewers excited for this revival– Mulder and Scully themselves, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their famous roles.

This photo was released via Twitter:

Here is a closeup shot of the photo:

Yes, the two paranormal investigators are back together and back in action.

Scully looks business as usual, but Mulder appears to have been taking it easy since his last outing in the 2008 theatrical flop ‘The X-Files: I Want To Believe.’  Fans may not have turned out for that revival, but perhaps a more modest, television installment will stand a better chance.

Original series writers Glen Morgan and James Wong are handling the scripting duties for the new episodes and each will direct one episode.  Morgan also joins creator Chris Carter as Executive Producer.  Not taking part, not surprisingly, is ‘Breaking Bad’ mastermind Vince Gilligan.

Joining Anderson and Duchovny is newcomer Joel McHale (‘Community’) as tad O’Malley “the anchor of a popular conservative Internet news network who becomes an unlikely ally for Mulder.”  From the original series, Mitch Pileggi is returning as boss Walter Skinner and reportedly William B. Davis (Cigarette-Smoking Man), Annabeth Gish (Monica Reyes) and Robert Patrick (John Doggett) are also slated to appear.

The new limited series ‘The X-Files’ will begin on Fox on Sunday January 24, 2016 and will consist of six episodes.  Will you be tuning in for more spooky goodness?  Are there any answers or resolutions you think must be included?  Or are you hoping that this trial run leads to a new ongoing series?