Now that the world has laid it’s eyes on the gloriousness that is ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, very few people (outside of the realm of butt hurt “men’s rights activists” who have a problem with badass women being prominently featured in an awesome action movie) have an unkind word to say about George Miller’s return to his fuel-injected post-apocalyptic franchise. However, even before the film hit theaters, pretty much everyone agreed that it looked incredible. The visuals created by Miller, director of photography John Seale, production designer Colin Gibson, overall visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson, colorist Eric Whipp, and special effects supervisors Andy Williams and Dan Oliver were so vibrant, gritty, and intense that even the trailers alone were a spectacle. And thanks to a very in depth feature on the VFX of the acclaimed film, we can see how it all came together.

Recently, a number of people involved in the production spoke to FX Guide about the various steps taken to create the world of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in Australia. They cover just about everything from Immortan Joe’s Citadel to the epic toxic storm to Furiosa’s amputated arm. To start with, Jackson revealed that though it was advertised as containing a ton of practical effects, he and his teams still had their work cut out for them:

“I’ve been joking recently about how the film has been promoted as being a live action stunt driven film – which it is. But also how there’s so little CGI in the film. The reality is that there’s 2000 VFX shots in the film. A very large number of those shots are very simple clean-ups and fixes and wire removals and painting out tire tracks from previous shots, but there are a big number of big VFX shots as well.”

For the entire elaborate piece that goes into extreme detail about a number of the most memorable moments from the movie like the flame-throwing guitar and the final chase scene and how they were made, head on over to FX Guide. However, as a small preview, check out these crazy before and after shots:

What did you think about the visual effects utilized in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’? For a film that uses so many practical effects, were you surprised by the amount of CGI that was still present in the final product? Sound off in the comments and we’ll carry you to the gates of Valhalla to ride eternal, shiny, and chrome.