From the moment that ‘Tomorrowland’ was announced, there was a major amount of secrecy surrounding it. For starters, there was that mystery box that Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird were showing off that contained various items relating to the inception of Tomorrowland in Disneyland and the 1964 World’s Fair. Then, the insanely awesome viral marketing/alternate reality game titled ‘The Optimist’ saw some fans embark on a scavenger hunt that culminated at D23 2013 and uncovered subtle references to the film. Finally, the first trailer dropped at New York Comic Con, but it wasn’t until very recently that the pieces of this puzzle started to make sense.

After seeing a few trailers at this point, the latest international trailer for ‘Tomorrowland’ revealed the most about the story and its characters, including their connection to Walt Disney’s iconic theme parks. But now the studio has released even more details about the upcoming family sci-fi fantasy in the form of press notes. Stitch Kingdom has a number of new tidbits about the movie like scene inspirations and various behind the scenes information about the sets, but here are the latest descriptions of the cast (that may be considered SPOILERS to some) that come straight from the actors and actresses themselves:

[George] Clooney describes his character as a ‘disenchanted grump who was a bit of a dreamer as a young boy — a smart little scientist kid. Young Frank goes to a place that he thinks is the greatest in the universe and he believes the world is going to be much better off because of it. He finds out that those things were untrue and becomes probably the most cynical person one could be. He isolates himself on his family farm and plans to spend the rest of his life there but is forced to deal with his past because of situations that happen in the film.’

Asked about how his character [brilliant scientist David Nix] and Clooney’s character play off one another, [Hugh] Laurie says, ‘Frank’s idea was to create things that are fun, that make people’s lives better because they bring pleasure and joy, and express hope. Nix is only interested in the more utilitarian platform of research; life for him is an endless scientific quest because he believes that man was put on this Earth to accumulate and develop knowledge.’

Of Casey, [Britt] Robertson says, ‘She’s this really smart chick who has always wanted to be an astronaut. It’s her passion and what she and her father have bonded over. Casey has this drive to do big things and change the world; she wants the world to be a place that’s full of hope and inspiration, but she doesn’t know how to make it so.’

As [Raffey] Cassidy explains, ‘Athena had been looking for a recruit and she is really hoping that Casey was the right person to choose because that was Athena’s last pin. Casey has courage and determination and hope, and that is what Tomorrowland needs.’

The curtain is really being pulled back more and more on ‘Tomorrowland’ in anticipation for it’s debut next month. Although, that element of mystery surrounding the movie still hasn’t disappeared and I’m sure that Bird and Lindelof still have a ton of surprises up their sleeves. Based on these new character descriptions, do you have any new theories about what will happen in the film? Are any characters emerging as an early favorite for you? Let us know in the comments.

‘Tomorrowland’ starring George Clooney, Brit Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Judy Greer, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key, and Thomas Robinson hits theaters on May 22, 2015.