We have a new member of the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ cast to share with you as Ben Hardy (‘EastEnders’) is set to join the team as Warren Worthington III who tends to be better known by his mutant name of Angel. While there was a rumor of this casting a little earlier director Bryan Singer has confirmed that he does indeed have the role. Not only do we know who is going to be playing Angel but we have some concept art as to what he’ll end up looking like in the film.

Let’s just say he is going to be a little different than the Ben Foster in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand.’ If this concept art is to follow the comics at all, we’re going to see some dark days in Angel’s future.

I mean, really, it is all about how the wings look on what has me excited. Here, take a quick look at what he looks like with wings in and wings extended:

I’m also including a preview that was previously released because it seems like a scene that could take place underground which I’ll get to in a moment.

That bird in a cage shot is a nice touch. Though I must point out that second concept picture almost has the wings looking a little metallic. When did Angel have metallic wings that could extend and retract? That’s right, when he his wings were torn off, replaced, and he was brainwashed into serving Apocalypse as one of his four horsemen. At this time he joined Plague from the Morlocks who ended up as Pestilence, an ex-soldier Abraham Lincoln Kieros who becomes War, and an anorexic girl named Autumn Rolfson as Famine. I mean let’s be honest aside from Plague and Warren these weren’t exactly his most impressive picks if you look at previous and future incarnations. The Morlocks are a race that live underground and with the concept shot above looking like it might as well this could be an introduction to them, and more specifically to Plague.

For those unfamiliar with Apocalypse and his general methods he tends to have four generals which he refers to as horsemen (The four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Get it?) who serve as his private army. All four of these are mutants who have been given much harsher personas and live to serve their master and his creed of “survival of the fittest.” One set of these Horsemen took Angel and made him into Death.

I have a feeling we might see that story line in this film.

If you’ve seen EastEnders what are your thoughts on Hardy as Warren? Would you like to see Angel join Apocalypse as one of his Horsemen? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant