We haven’t heard much about the film version of ‘The Flash’ aside from it having a 2018 release date but now a rumor has surfaced for a pair of directors to direct the film. It sounds as if Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s previous success with the ‘Lego Movie’ might have put them straight at the top of the short list that Warner Brothers is putting together to tackle the speedster. Honestly, the pair can do humor and with ‘The Flash’ usually having a pretty entertaining personality, this might be the one film that they would definitely be a good fit for in the DC Universe.

According to TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider:

We’ve just heard a bit of a tug of war going on between Warner Bros. and Sony, which would like the same two directors for one of its big franchise movies. If Warner Bros. wanted them for The Flash and Sony wanted them for a Ghostbusters movie, which would Lord and Miller do?

While it is still a rumor, it sounds as if Ezra Miller will be introduced as The Flash in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ and hopefully Warner Brothers already has an idea in mind on how they want to portray the character so that he stays the same through multiple films and directors. This is something that Marvel has been able to beautifully pull off so far though DC is still learning the ropes as their shared universe is only set to kick off in 2016.

All of that being said, the pair seem rather content on passing up new potential blockbusters as they had with Sony’s ‘Ghostbusters’ in favor of returning to franchises that they’ve already worked in such as the ‘Men in Black’ and ’21 Jump Street’ crossover of some of the follow up Lego movies.

What are your thoughts on Phil Lord and Chris Miller helming ‘The Flash’? Do you think that they would make a good fit for the film or would you prefer someone who has tackled more serious material as well? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Flash’ will star Ezra Miller in the lead role and is set to zoom into theaters in 2018

Source: Comic Book