Tatiana Maslany’s clone epic ‘Orphan Black’ returns to the BBC this April with the season 3 premiere, and the show runners are wasting no time promoting the show. While it has a cult following, at this point ‘Orphan Black’ has yet to become a television staple, and the creative forces behind the show are trying to change that. They’ve released 3 teasers for the upcoming season, each one showcasing a different clone (all of them played by Tatiana Maslany), as the clones defend themselves from what appears to be kidnappings, and then makes a statement to the screen. The first trailer is “I am not your property,” the second “I am not your toy,” and the third trailer stating “I am not your weapon.”

All of these taglines tie into the heart of the show, which (SPOILERS AHEAD) deals with a group of clones with differing lives and personalities (everything from a soccer mom to a street punk) finding their lives put into danger by the Dyad Institute, the organization responsible for their existence and who claims ownership of the women, who itself is run by another clone. Season 2 ended with the reveal that there are male versions of the clone, one of whom was part of a dangerous group called the Prolethean cult. The season ended with one of the clones, Helena, killing the leader of the cult and burning their HQ to the ground.

The teasers’ taglines reflect the subtle (or not so subtle depending on who you ask) feminist undertones of the show, though they give no clue as to the larger plotlines for the upcoming season, aside from the new wrinkle of the lady clones having brothers to deal with now (played by Ari Millen).

‘Orphan Black’ premieres it’s 3rd season on April 18! Let us know your thoughts on the teasers in the comments below!

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