A rousing debate over the nature of love reveals itself to be a cute moment between the newly reunited Crane couple as they debate the modern enigma which is reality television.  It isn’t long before this quiet is cut short by Abbie’s arrival, and her knowledge of Henry’s recent activities.  Or rather, the lack of them.

With aged urn in hand, Henry performs some sort of ritual with a pulsating heart, summoning his latest minion to wreak havoc on Sleepy Hollow.  The creature appears as a naked female and it isn’t long before she dons some clothes and targets a local club.  An insecure young man becomes her first victim when she assumes the likeness of the woman he desires.  Of course, this leads to his death, quickly followed by Abbie and Crane’s arrival to the scene. They turn up little and leave to regroup.

The being returns to Henry and deposits the victim’s soul into a large jar in the Horseman’s possession for an, as of yet, unknown purpose.

Back at the archives, Katrina’s arcane knowledge proves useful in narrowing down the identity of this new threat, but her worsening condition leads to Crane escorting her away.  Abbie is shown rather despondent, an obvious gap being driven between herself and Ichabod.

At a diner, misspoken confessions lead to the second victim’s death.  Feeling the mounting pressure, Abbie heads to meet up with Hawley in hopes of connecting this killer to a series of misplaced artifacts.  The young entrepreneur proves less than helpful, however, as he seems far more interested in scoring than assisting.

They finally discover the creature’s identity when Abbie consults with Ichabod and Katrina over Hawley’s behavior.  Comparing it to the activities of the victims, they realize this newest threat is none other than a succubus, and it already has its next victim in the crosshairs:  Hawley.

Utilizing Katrina’s abilities, the trio pinpoints the succubus approaching the docks where Hawley takes up residence.  As they arrive, Hawley’s life force is being drained away but, with his own resourcefulness and Ichabod’s aid, they fend off the creature for the time being.

Leaving Hawley in relative safety, Abbie discusses Henry’s recent tactical moves and how him releasing a creature as unreliable and unpredictable as a succubus doesn’t correlate.  All the while, a series of horrible vision plague Katrina.  Ichabod believes them to be lingering emotions from her recent demonic impregnation, but it quickly proves to be much more than that.

Katrina is still linked to Henry’s activities because a part of the Moloch baby still exists.  Honing in on her visions, she realizes he is gathering the energy from the succubus to give aid to Moloch’s rise.  This explains the frequent pattern of the succubus attacks and Henry’s desperate action.

Further investigation leads the trio to uncover this succubus is not of a regular variety, but one called an Incordata, or ‘The Heartless.’  Thus called because its actual heart is stored outside its body and destroying it is the only way to end the creature’s life.

Abbie believes Henry and his plans should be stopped at all costs, while Katrina holds to the fact that if her son’s connection to Moloch is severed, the possibility exists in which he could still be saved.  Despite their differing views, the two decide to head off to a cemetery together to uncover the heart. Meanwhile Ichabod convenes with Hawley in an attempt to lead Henry’s minion into a trap.

While Abbie and Katrina move past a perception spell and hone in on the heart, Crane is cornered by the creature.  He defends himself with an enchanted knife given to him by Hawley, which leads to Katrina being knocked unconscious.  Hawley rushes to Crane’s aid while Abbie concludes the spell Katrina began.  With this combined effort, the succubus falls to ash.

In the wake of their success, Katrina devises a plan to get close to Henry and destroy Moloch before he can fully rise.  She realizes destroying this evil is the only chance she has of saving her son, and for once, Abbie agrees.  Leaving Mills to inform Ichabod of her decision, Katrina sets off to execute her plan.

At the cabin, Hawley licks his wounds and shares a tender moment with Abbie, but keeps his growing feelings for her a secret for the time being.  Ichabod takes the news of Katrina surprisingly well, declaring he must put full trust in his wife if their relationship is to evolve and grow stronger.

In the lair of evil, Katrina is accepted back into the fold with eerie ease.  The cause of this is quickly revealed as she is reunited with Henry, only to discover the Moloch baby has already formed.  She stares in shock and dismay as her necklace glows with a strange aura which morphs her fear into a smile.

Bold moves were taken in ‘Heartless,’ and while we can only hope they will prove for the best in the end, things look rather grim.  Hopefully Crane’s newly placed trust will lead the team towards a win.