Halloween is over, so it’s time to sit back and digest all of that candy while reading another all new edition of Toy News Tuesday! In case you’re new around these parts, Toy News Tuesday is the one weekly column right here on ScienceFiction.com where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! The sugar from all that candy will only last so long, so lets get straight on into the Toy News for the week of November 4th, 2014!

Hot Toys Stormtroopers and Set

Just a few short weeks ago, in a world not much unlike our own (spoiler: it totally WAS our own world), fan favorite toy company Hot Toys announced their line of one-sixth scale figures based on arguably the most popular science fiction series of all time, ‘Star Wars’. It was only a matter of time before we got through a few key characters from the series and moved onto army builders. Very. Expensive. Army builders. But alas, here we are, as much as your wallet is sure to regret it, introducing you to the all new Hot Toys one-sixth scale Stormtrooper figure!

This figure comes with highly detailed fully sculpted armor, a blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, a display stand, and a massive pile off additional hands for you to swap in and out at your leisure. This figure looks like it’ll go great with the previously announced Han Solo and Chewbacca Hot Toys figures, and might even be useable for a custom Han in Stormtrooper armor figure! Hot Toys is also producing a figure 2-pack of these guys for all of you that are looking to use them as army builders. What’s even cooler, is that due to their well renowned attention to detail, one trooper is set to be slightly shorter than the other, to represent that these are Stormtroopers rather than the Clone Troopers from the prequel trilogy. The 2-pack is set to include several additional exclusive accessories, including an additional Heavy Blaster and a Mouse Droid.

McFarlane Taking The Assassins Creed to the Next Level

Since 2007, Ubisoft’s ‘Assassins Creed’ video game series has been wowing gamers with it’s excellent gameplay and intensely involving storyline. Over the last few years, McFarlane Toys has taken it upon themselves to bring this video game series to life in the form of 5-inch scale fully articulated plastic figures. After launching two successful waves of ‘Assassins Creed‘ figures, McFarlane Toys recently revealed images of their upcoming third wave of figures based on the hit series, and then almost immediately announced a new fourth wave!

The third wave of figures spans across games from all throughout the series, bringing fan favorites like Altair from the first game, and even brand new characters like Arno Dorian from the upcoming ‘Assassins Creed Unity’! The full release from McFarlane is below:

If you have been following Assassin’s Creed since the Third Crusade, then this is the action figure series for you! For the first time, McFarlane Toys is bringing fans characters from the entire Assassin’s Creed universe.

Assassin’s Creed Series 3 includes all-new characters, outfits, and weapons from the original Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and even the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity. Like all of our Assassin’s Creed figures, each Series 3 collectible will include a unique code to unlock great Assassin’s Creed content!*

Now throw on your hood, strap on your hidden blade, and take a closer look at the new assassin figures ready to join the fight with Assassin’s Creed Series 3:

Arno Dorian is the brash and charismatic lead assassin in upcoming Assassins Creed: Unity. He is armed with the Phantom Blade, a wrist-mounted crossbow that fires lethal darts, as well as a French cutlass and a multi-barreled pistol. Figure also includes a code to unlock Arno’s alternate costume designed by Todd McFarlane.*

The very first Assassin’s Creed game introduced players to the historical adventure series by putting them in control of the powerful and influential Syrian Assassin, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. Altaïr embodied the classic look of the Assassins — white robes to blend in with wandering scholars, an iconic blood-red sash around his waist, and a shadowy hood to conceal his identity. Armed with an array of lethal weapons such as the Hidden Blade, Altaïr struck targets throughout the Holy Land in his mission to stop the Templars of the Third Crusade. Our figure of Altaïr includes a sword, a dagger, and a code to unlock the character’s Avatar and 20 Uplay Points.*

Starting with the second Assassin’s Creed game, players began exploring a new time period, through the memories of another of Desmond Miles’ ancestors — the Italian Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The star of three consecutive games, players spent more time as Ezio than any other Assassin, making this charismatic rogue a fast fan-favorite. To offer collectors something strikingly different from the classic Assassin look of Altaïr’s white robes, our first Ezio figure features the Mentor as he appeared in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. His adventure to recover the Masyaf keys that Altaïr had hidden centuries ago featured Ezio clad in a new set of ornate, dark gray robes — far better for the Master Assassin to blend in with the exotic citizens of Constantinople. Figure includes sword, dagger, and a code to unlock the character’s Avatar and 20 Uplay Points.*

This all-new character, introduced in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, was a powerful Mayan Assassin, and the leader of the Caribbean branch of the Assassin Order. Just as Achilles taught Connor the lethal skills of an Assassin in Assassin’s Creed III, Ah Tabai served as mentor to the pirate Edward Kenway. Figure includes his feathered Spear, and a code to unlock the character’s Avatar and 20 Uplay Points.* This figure is only available at Walgreens and other select retailers.

Most Assassin’s Creed games have featured a set of “ultimate armor” for your character to unlock, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag brings the series its most powerful outfit yet. Players who unlock the secrets of the Mayan ruins will be rewarded with a special relic: a set of armor created by the legendarily powerful First Civilization! Edward Kenway figure includes four common pistols, the distinctive pistol sword, and a code to unlock the character’s Avatar and 20 Uplay Points.* This figure is available exclusively at Target.

Don’t worry, these figures won’t be hiding in the shadows…pick your favorite assassin at one of the following locations: Amazon.com, Books-A-Million, Calendar Club, GameStop, Hastings Entertainment, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and Walgreens.

The also recently announced Series 4 will include figures from the upcoming games ‘Assassins Creed: Unity’ and ‘Assassins Creed: Rogue’. This wave is set to be hitting shelves in Spring of 2015! The full release from McFarlane is below:

Just when you thought we couldn’t pack anymore action and adventure into the toy aisle, McFarlane Toys is excited to announce the next awesome Assassin’s Creed® series highlighted by a figure designed by Todd McFarlane, himself.

McFarlane Toys continues its partnership with Ubisoft to create action figures from the blockbuster Assassin’s Creed! The Assassin’s Creed series tells the story of a heroic order of Assassins, fighting a conspiracy that spans thousands of years. This innovative entertainment franchise takes fans on an adventure through world history — from the Crusades, to the Italian Renaissance, to the American Revolution, to the Golden Age of Piracy, and beyond.

Assassin’s Creed Series 4 brings collectors more great new figures from the blockbuster Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. Series 4 includes all-new characters, outfits, and weapons from the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed saga, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Rogue.
Check out all the details on the upcoming series hitting shelves this Spring:

What happens to an Assassin when his faith is completely stripped away? After a botched mission destroys an entire city, former Assassin Shay Cormac turns Templar in order to enact his revenge in Assassin’s Creed Rogue! Coming out this November, Assassin’s Creed Rogue will be the first game to have a Templar as a lead character! During the Seven Years’ War Shay Cormac was known to be a skilled sea-faring captain, an excellent swordsman and an efficient killer with dual wielded weapons. Our Shay action figure comes equipped with a pistol, air rifle, and sword!

As the lead assassin in Assassin’s Creed Unity, Arno Dorian always needs to be prepared for every combat situation in Paris, France! Equipped with an outfit designed by award-winning artist Todd McFarlane, this new version of Arno is ready for anything the French Revolution can throw at him! Arno also comes with an ornate one-handed sword, only wielded by the most dedicated Assassins! Our figure of Arno also includes a pistol.

EAGLE VISION ARNO DORIAN (Walgreen’s Exclusive)
When danger hides behind every corner in the Parisian streets, Assassin Arno Dorian has a unique advantage over each opponent he fights. Blessed with a rare sixth sense, Arno is able to pinpoint even the most cunning enemies with his “Eagle Vision” ability! When activated, Eagle Vision instinctively shows his enemies and allies in a variety of different colored glows, as well as a blue glow for Arno himself. This is the first time ever that McFarlane Toys has created an Eagle Vision Assassin! Arno is equipped with a pistol and French sword! This figure will be available exclusively at Walgreen’s!
Collectors can rejoice as Assassin’s Creed Series 4 figures are surely equipped to lead your action figures to victory this Spring 2015! Stay tuned to our social channels for sneak peeks and first looks of these new figures!

“What? Have I Got Something In My Teeth?”

As a part of their ‘Facehugger Friday’ weekly postings, NECA revealed some new close up images of the upcoming ‘Kane’ figure from ‘ALIEN’ Series 3. The images showcase the highly detailed sculpt of the figure, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to bear a huge resemblance to actor John Hurt… albeit with good reason. Kane’s head sculpt is entirely engulfed within a super intricately detailed Facehugger! Kane also comes with a removable helmet which is completely smashed in, just like in the original 1979 film.

Kane is a part of NECA’s third series of figures based on the iconic ‘ALIEN’ franchise. Other figures set to be in this wave include Bishop from ‘ALIENS’ and the highly anticipated ‘Dog Alien’ from ‘ALIEN 3’.

“He’s Getting So Tall!”

All of this time while everyone has been so excited about the new wave of 7” scale ‘ALIEN” figures from NECA, many people didn’t even know about the new quarter-scale Xenomorph figure that NECA has been developing! This figure is currently in development for release in 2015, with the image below pulled from NECA’s Twitter page.

Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!


Delving into the deepest darkest nether regions that literature as to offer, Funko us calling forth Cthulju for the latest figure in their ‘POP! Books’ line! Cthulu is only the third figure in the ‘Books’ line of POP! Vinyl figures, which makes his release one worth celebrating! The full release from Funko is below:

We bring you Cthulhu! Cthulhu is a creature created by H.P. Lovecraft and was first featured in his story “Call of Cthulhu”. Cthulhu is described as a hybrid man, dragon, and octopus creature with “A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque and scaly body with rudimentary wings.” Pretty scary, right?! Available in January!


These guys were announced a while back, but it’s great tos ee them finally prepping to hit stores! Funko is finally releasing their highly anticipated line of POP! Vinyl figures based on the cult classic space western ‘Firefly’! This wave is set to hit stores just in time for the holiday season this December! Hopefully they’ll do well enough that we’ll get a second wave of figures based on this popular sci-fi series to complete the Serenity Crew! The release from Funko is below:

You can never have enough Firefly in your life! In follow up to our ReAction Figures Firefly line…We bring you the beloved sci-fi gang as a Pop! series. These Pop!’s are a darling take on the classic Serenity crew! Shiny! Available in December!


Crowley is coming! Fans have been demanding him for months, and Funko is finally answering all of your prayers by producing a POP! Vinyl figure of Crowley from The CW’s hit horror series ‘Supernatural’! People seemed pretty verbally upset that Funko had released a figure of Felicia Day’s minor character ‘Charlie’ from the series before even announcing a figure of the longtime series mainstay Crowley. The wait is finally over, and now it’s time to buckle down and wait for the inevitable announcement of a Bobby Singer POP! Figure. The release from Funko is below:

After many, many, many, many… Seriously… MANY requests… We finally have a Crowley Pop! Leave it to us to make the reigning King of Hell look absolutely adorable!

And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below! Until next week, happy toy hunting!