Back in January, Titan Comics announced that they had partnered with BBC Worldwide to produce brand new comics based on the long-running seminal sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who.’ Since then, we’ve seen ‘Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor’ and ‘Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor’ hit the shelves of our local comic book shops, and this week we’ll be introduced to Robbie Morrison and Dave Taylor’s take on Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord in ‘Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor’, but at this year’s New York Comic Con, the company announced that they would finally be bringing back one of the most requested incarnations of the Doctor to the pages of their comics in April.

During the con, Titan shared that they would be adding a fourth ‘Doctor Who’ slot to their line up that would be filled by a mini-series starring a different Doctor each arc and the first regeneration to be spotlighted will be Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. ‘Doctor Who: Who-ology’ author and ‘Doctor Who’ radio play writer Cavan Scott will handle the story and Alice X. Zhang will provide gorgeous covers, but no word on who will handle the interior art just yet. What we do know, however, is that the five-issue series will also star Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler and John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness as the trio goes on an adventure somewhere around the ‘Boomtown’ episode. Not a bad way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the return of ‘Doctor Who’ to television, right?

I also heard rumblings around the Titan Comics booth of the next Doctor to star in the mini-series line. Depending on the success of the first story with Eccleston’s regeneration, we may be seeing Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor on the shelves in the near future. But until an official announcement is made about that, let’s hear your thoughts on the fantastic news of ‘Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor’ in the comments below!

Picture credit: Bleeding Cool