DC Comics will soon be releasing a “rub-and-smell” comic book featuring Harley Quinn.

For legal reasons “Harley Quinn Annual’ #1 isn’t being called “Scratch ‘n Sniff,” but instead a “Rub-and-Smell” comic. The October 29th release will include scents of leather, suntan lotion, pizza, and one “mysterious compound” unnamed scent.

In an interview with MTV, co-writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner try to describe that 4th “mysterious compound” scent:

JP: How do we say mysterious on this without giving it away? Yeah, the scent that is available in the U.S. version is easier to get than it is elsewhere.

AC: Here is what I’m wondering, how often do the Grateful Dead play internationally? That’s what I’m wondering.

JP: This is definitely a book that you will get you going back to in your box of comics, and you might be taking it out now and again to smell it again. You might want to bag it, you know?

AC: …To keep the smell contained and then when you do, bring your thing of oreos.

JP: If you have a cat, you don’t want to keep it near a cat.

Another hint (if you haven’t quite gotten it by now) is that in the international version, the scent had to be changed to “fresh-cut lawn clippings”… you know, like “grass”?

Talk about a completely random idea that isn’t something you see these days but oh so fitting for the character.

According to the solicitation info for “Harley Quinn Annual” #1:

We have to warn you, readers: This issue stinks! Seriously! Like, unpleasant odors are literally in the story! In this first-ever HQ ANNUAL, take a trip to Harley’s home of Coney Island in a groundbreaking “scent-ticular” issue, featuring actual, honest-to-gosh smells. This issue comes polybagged to contain the stench.

As for the plot of the issue and idea for the smells, Palmiotti explains:

“Poison Ivy has been thrown in Arkham Asylum, and Harley gets word that she’s in there and decides that she’s going to break her out. So the smells kind of work within the story.”

This feels oddly fitting for the character. The only Marvel counterpart you could even see this happening with these days would be Deadpool which is saying a lot.

The issue will have a few different covers: a Bombshell variant for the U.S. edition, a regular cover, and an international variant. The covers are being put together by a team of artists that consist of John Timms, Paul Mounts, Stjepan Sejic, Joe Quinones, Ben Caldwell, Rico Renzi, Kelley Jones, and Michelle Madsen.

Are you looking forward to reading, and smelling, the ‘Harley Quinn Annual’? Do you think DC had a great idea with this one or is it not your cup of tea? Share your thoughts below!