Once again the rumor mill is swirling around ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’. It’s basically common knowledge that ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Jason Momoa is supposed to be playing Aquaman, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed even at this point, when the movie is already filming.

But the latest rumor, as many have speculated, is that Aquaman actually played an invisible role in ‘Man of Steel,’ setting him up for ‘Dawn of Justice.’ In the first movie, Superman collapses into the ocean after rescuing the workers from an oil rig.  He looks up to see two whales and the movie later cuts to him on land.

The speculation is that Aquaman was actually responsible for saving Kal-El, by sending the two whales to drag him back to shore.  Add to that, the use of the codename “Trident” in the movie, which could refer to Aquaman’s weapon of choice.

Now, how will he factor into the next movie?  With Momoa reportedly in the role, it’s said he will look like a surfer with longer hair and tribal tattoos.  That would suit the actor, although it varies from the traditional comic book depiction, but does hew closely to the more aggressive, hook-handed version from most of the nineties.  Also the mention of tribal tattoos, would indicate that his arms will be exposed.  Normally, his suit has long sleeves, so that also point to the nineties look.

As for his role?  It’s stated that he will actually be facing off against Superman, this time.  Supposedly, he will be angry with the Man of Steel over the destruction to the Indian Ocean from the World Engine in the first movie.

It’s also rumored that the reason Batman confronts Superman is the destruction caused to Metropolis, when he battled Zod.  It seems like all that devastation is just drawing the other super heroes out of the woodwork, all with a grudge against him.

Take all this with a grain of salt, however.  As stated, they still haven’t officially even confirmed Momoa’s casting.

Are you looking forward to possibly seeing DC’s underwater ruler on the big screen?

Source: Schmoes Know