Scott Frank (‘Minority Report’, ‘Out of Sight’), the writer of ‘The Wolverine,’ wants to go on record that the film did not include his ending. While there are many points that one could complain about for ‘The Wolverine’, the largest complaint to date has probably be how the film ended and it sounds like studio interference is to blame.

As someone who doesn’t tend to work in the genre, he was asked about his work recently and about the film. “That’s a weird credit, isn’t it?” said Frank. “And Wolverine, too! I mean, I railed against superhero movies all the time and low and behold, I write one.” It’s hard to imagine someone who was against that type of movie ending up writing one, however he did read ‘Old Man Wolverine’ as inspiration on how Logan should be which is a bonus. It made him put it in the perspective of “I thought about it more in terms of ‘Outlaw Josey Wales’ or ‘Unforgiven’ than traditional ways you think about him. I just thought of this guy as very isolated.”

Of course, most of us will agree that the end fell apart, so what happened?

For the most part, until the last five minutes of that movie, they did [just that]. They are a lot different than the rest of the movie. And I think that’s a lot of studio influence.”

While many assumed that they wanted Wolverine to lose his powers to mimic the upcoming story line that Logan would be losing them, Frank actually insisted that Logan had to lose his “superpowers” since if we had our super powered unkillable berzerker in this storyline it would not only be “cheating,” but it would be “uninteresting from a narrative standpoint.” That is actually pretty accurate and is clearly the formula that went into the film until they ruined the concept of the Silver Samurai with their own version of a super suit which as we all know only Iron Man has been able to successfully pull off on the big screen.

Do you think that Frank might have had a superior ending to the drivel that we ended up seeing or was there no saving the end of ‘The Wolverine’?

Source: Cinema Blend