Ever since the trailer for Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk‘ dropped at SDCC this year I think that most of us have wanted to see more of this interesting tale, and today we’ve got a clip to share with you! It isn’t much but it’ll give you a vibe of the creep factor that Smith is bringing us. Honestly, even with how campy the concept is, this could finally be a horror film from Smith that gives a sense of terror on the big screen.

It takes talent to do that where the concept is someone being turned into a walrus.

In ‘Tusk’ we see a podcaster named Wallace Bryton who is played by Justin Long (‘Drag Me to Hell’, ‘Live Free or Die Hard’) who travels around the country interviewing strange and interesting people for his show. Now, though, he is going international and has a trip planned to Canada to interview an eccentric man named Howard Howe played by Michael Parks (‘Kill Bill: Vol 1’, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn‘) who sent him an intriguing letter. Apparently Howe had spent much of his life at sea and has amazing stories to tell.

Sounds good! Only from Howe’s actions, Wallance ends up as a walrus. What? Yes, A walrus. Of course this isn’t a curse or anything along those lines. From what the previews are showing they hint at more of a ‘Human Centipede’ kind of a transformation. So yes, he’ll be getting turned into one against his will.

In the following clip you’ll see that at least one of the characters who doesn’t “want to die in Canada.” Here, check it out!

The clip pretty much starts off right where the trailer came to a close and expands upon the scene.

So what do you think? Will this be a proper horror film that you’ll want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

‘Tusk’ starring Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, and Johnny Depp hits theaters on September 29, 2015.

Source: Shock Till You Drop