Since prior to his recent return, The Mad Titan has been out of balance. Now though, he has been feeling a much stronger imbalance in the universe and in ‘Thanos: The Infinity Revelation’ we see another large role that he has to play in the universe that is both destructive and healing in nature. This is a graphic novel that is going to have long reaching effects in the cosmic end of the universe that will be big enough to matter for certain events and small enough at the same time to not really effect most of continuity.

Exactly what you need from a stand alone graphic novel! Graphic novels need to either be stand alone or if it does effect continuity do so in a way where you don’t need to have read it for it to make sense, but it will help if you have!

Jim Starlin really does an amazing job at illustrating this graphic novel. When it comes to his writing, aside from a few pieces of dialogue, it truly is a fun read. As the creator of Thanos and one of the main forces behind Adam Warlock, he is the perfect man to tackle where these two should be going forward. The art really brings you back to the 90s cosmic arts style. That actually helps as the way he is acting is much more the deep thinking that he once was over the Mad Titan that the cosmic community has been seeing more of in recent years.

It all begins when The Living Tribunal has been told that Thanos is going to be responsible for a major shift in the universe. What is interesting is we don’t tend to see anyone more powerful than The Living Tribunal and not many that can tell Eternity Infinity what to do. The status quo slightly changes as the story plays out.

The higher powers above, even the three I mentioned above, have seen that a plan will go in motion that primarily involves Thanos and Warlock which end up that the two are on a quest that Thanos cannot avoid. It is eating at his soul and his curioity at it knows no limits. There are also some great guest appearances which involve a few of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the Annihilators. It can be a little confusing near the center but quickly becomes clear if you make sure to pay attention to the art and Warlock’s costume.

One interesting tidbit for Thanos fans, his relationship with Death changes once again by the book’s end.

Overall, ‘Thanos: The Infinity Revelation’ isn’t a necessary read, but for fans of Thanos or Warlock it is one you’ll want to pick up. There is a major change when it comes to Adam Warlock that appears in these pages and some of Thanos’ future actions will probably make more sense having read this but most can probably be gleaned without it. Would I suggest picking it up for a fun read? Absolutely. Would I say it’s a must buy if you aren’t a fan of the two? Not at all. Jim Starlin does give us a very solid cosmic tale in this one that is a throw back to the Thanos of old set in a more modern time.


Writer: Jim Starlin
Artist: Jim Starlin