Ever since it was announced that Marvel would be adding Doctor Strange to their cinematic universe, Hollywood has been buzzing about who would be chosen to take the lead role. It’s no secret that Marvel wants Doctor Strange to become the anchor character of the Phase 3 films much like Iron Man has been in the last 2 phases. So whoever takes on the role as the Sorcerer Extraordinaire will be carrying quite a bit on his shoulders. Several names have been thrown in the ring including Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Hamm, Tom Hardy and Edgar Ramirez. Most recently it was reported that Marvel was considering Joaquin Pheonix for the role. But there is one actor who has been actively campaigning to be in the Phase 3 Marvel film.

Back in February, Matthew Modine actually tweeted Marvel saying he’d like to play the lead role and even sent ScienceFiction.com a tweet of how well he would look as the superhero:

Since then, Modine has garnered a following of fans who have been supporting the actor in his bid for the part by also tweeting to Marvel on his behalf.

But how serious is Modine about landing the role? Quite serious, actually.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Modine confessed:

“Whenever there’s an opportunity to work in a high-profile film, and in this case such a delicious role, you want the appropriate people to be aware of your interest. It would be interesting to see if Marvel might take notice of voices on Twitter. We live in a brave new world of instant shout-outs.”

Whether this is an effective method of getting noticed by Marvel and Scott Derrickson  (since he is, after all, directing the film) remains to be seen, but as Modine states, Marvel has made casting choices that are less obvious and not exactly mainstream:

“I believe Robert Downey Jr. was not the first choice for Iron Man, now it’s difficult to imagine another actor better in the role.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if Modine’s campaign will prove successful. In the meantime, if you think he’ll make a great Doctor Strange, why don’t you let Marvel know in a tweet?

As always, we’ll keep you posted on the development of ‘Doctor Strange,’ so make sure you check back with ScienceFiction.com!

Source: CBM