‘Gotham‘ debuts on Fox on September 22nd and will feature the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne which will set young Bruce Wayne on his path to becoming Batman.  We’ll also get a glimpse at the paths the lives of other Gothamites take to them eventually becoming heroes and villains in the well-known comic book mythology.

Star Ben McKenzie, who plays a young James Gordon compared the series to a “Greek tragedy. The fate comes in the first act. The series is about the interesting journey and how the city falls into disrepair and total anarchy.”

“There will be victories along the way,” added executive producer Bruno Heller, “(In creating this show), we talked about New York City in the 1970s. It’s a time when that city was falling apart with decadence and decay. It was both sexy and scary. There’s something about a city as it falls apart that you’re compelled to watch.”

And just to clarify, this is no superhero show.  Heller stressed, “This is noir. The structure that exists around James Gordon is so daunting and challenging that no single man can defeat it.  The notion is that our hero is doomed. ‘Gotham’ is as much about the hope and struggle that everyday people are engaged in. It’s not about superheroes.”

To build anticipation, Fox has released three new promotional videos.

The first highlights the partnership between James Gordon and Harvey Bullock:

Bullock’s depiction in the comics has varied over the years, but in some stories he is shown to be corrupt and this hints that the show’s creators may have chosen to follow that incarnation.

The second reinforces the “Origins” aspect of the show:

Finally, the rise of Gordon:

What do you think?  Will a police procedural set in Gotham City work?

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