Last year, Superman celebrated his 75th anniversary with a special year-long celebration, but now it’s time for the Dark Knight to step into the spotlight. DC Comics and Warner Bros. are rolling out a ton of special projects for Batman’s 75th birthday this year including a pair of animated shorts from Darwyn Cook and Bruce Timm, brand new animated features, and of course ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’. However, before the Caped Crusader crosses paths with the Man of Steel on the big screen, the studio behind the bat has arranged a fitting tribute to all his previous films.

This summer, the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour will feature an extensive exhibit for Batman 75 containing a number of artifacts like the crime fighter’s most iconic vehicles, various props like weaponry and cowls, artwork, and costumes belonging to both heroes and villains from all seven films. Labeled ‘The Batman Exhibit’, this new addition to the tour of the historic Burbank lot is included in the $54.00 price of admission, which can be purchased online at However, if you can’t make it out to sunny California this summer (or found out about the exhibit right after you left like I did), Collider has an impressive gallery of photos to show you what you’re missing. You can check out some of them in the gallery below after these two videos about a few of the things you could see on the tour:

What do you think of ‘The Batman Exhibit’? Were you able to spot some of your favorite bat-gadgets or costumes? Is there something missing that you wish was on display? Would you be too busy laughing at the Bat-nipples or reciting Mr. Freeze’s awesome puns from ‘Batman and Robin’? Sound off in the comments section.