I enjoyed ‘All-New X-Men’ #27 and the part of it I enjoyed the most? Finally learning about Xavier’s future brotherhood! This issue continues giving us details as most of the fight has already been won at this point by Xavier. We still don’t know the full secrets of his Brotherhood of mutants or clearly the full team lineup. We do learn a bit more about how the team came together as well as how the battle between the two groups are going!

So with the future Brotherhood mainly having the X-Men fighting to survive this issue, we have Cyclops holding a younger Jean and Emma making their way through back corridors trying to survive. At the same time there is a war waging between Xavier and the young Jean on the mental plane and finally a slew of what was going on in the future that led us to where we are today. Young Xavier is pissed off at the X-Men and believes they are ruining his father’s Legacy. For a much better take on what Xavier’s Legacy is,  I suggest reading Si Spurrier’s run on ‘X-Men: Legacy‘ with Legion which I feel is one of the best written stories in the X-Men universe of all time.

Back to the point at hand, though, we see young Xavier fix the mind of the future Beast from the mental breakdown he had suffered. How does that turn him into an evil mutant scientist for this new cause of destroying the X-Men? Well this is where we find out that it doesn’t. Beast is being controlled by Xavier. In fact it looks like aside from possibly Raze, the entire Brotherhood is being controlled by Xavier from one extent to another. While secrets are being revealed, it appears to be at one issue at a time. We still don’t know much about the future Jean, Molly Hayes, Icemonster, or Deadpool. Are they fully in or are they under Xavier’s influence? It is clearly shown that he has no problem using his powers to control them so it is hard to tell.

Also, the fun with time travel here is that they decide to use it in a way where if they fail, they will deliver a message to themselves that the plan won’t work and somehow restart everything. It is an interesting take and one of the many problems with time travel paradoxes. If they fail how do they get a message to themselves? Well, apparently it gets slipped under their door by someone so they take a different approach. What I want to know is who is sliding it under the door? Do we have a mystery team member that hasn’t been introduced yet? Is the time travel all thanks to Beast or is something else at play here?

It’s hard to tell but I’m sure we’ll find out more next issue as Jean was actually fighting Xavier successfully this whole time. Not only did she keep him distracted but she is attacking with her new found power that he doesn’t know about as well as prevented him from knowing that X-23 isn’t fully out of commission and is about to snickt him through the back of the head.

Damn you Bendis for making such an addictive plot out of such a good one and damn you Immonen for really drawing us in with your beautiful illustrations! Now I have to impatiently await for the next issue!


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen