After the opening weekend success of Gareth Edwards recent hit ‘Godzilla‘, the sequel to his first giant creature feature, ‘Monsters: Dark Continent.’ gets a trailer! In ‘Monsters,’ we saw an alien race of monsters have taken over a decent sized portion of the world. They are contained with the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Humanity doesn’t know much about them and now we’re going to be taking a new look at them as they have expanded into new territories!

As infected zones have spread further into the world, we now see what looks to be an invasion of what are being called Giant Sand Bugs being dealt with by the United States Army. You can tell from the visuals and early details that this installment will be taking place in the Middle East which will add its own set of complications. Not only are we going to be seeing giant monsters, but being that the US military is involved, I’m sure somehow terrorism or a rival country will also enter the field for our troops to be up against.

Sadly Edwards didn’t return to helm the sequel to his first giant monster film as he was busy with ‘Godzilla’. This time around, we’ll be seeing Tom Green (‘Misfits,’ ‘Blackout’) direct the new installment. Green was a huge fan of the first film and was quite happy to have a chance to work on this one with the direction they went:

“As soon as I watched ‘Monsters’ I completely identified with the idea of using real locations as a foundation on which to build a world of limitless scale. From my first visit to the location shown here, in Jordan, it was somewhere I felt was key to making ‘Dark Continent’ work. The moonscape-like environment was the perfect basis for an ‘alien’ landscape. The quarry trucks you see here became ‘buggies’ to transport the remains of firebombed monster herds to be incinerated, with all the leading characters emerging from the dust to witness the scale of the death toll for the first time — and for one character maybe too many times…”

Of course what you really want to see are some giant monsters so here is the first trailer followed by the film’s synopsis. The monsters don’t get a lot of screen time in it though its teased that they will be on screen quite a bit during the actual film!

Infected zones have spread worldwide and the army does battle with ‘Giant Sand Bugs’ in this action-packed sequel to Monsters

So while some of the initial complaints from the first film were a lack of action, this one sounds like we’re going to be getting the exact opposite. The military will be going up in full force against these giant sand aliens and will also appear to be following a single group of soldiers. The film will still follow the execution of the first movie where we have a main perspective to observe the alien species through.

Personally, while I enjoyed the first one I can understand the complaints about it and it looks like the follow up will not be sharing them. I am quite excited to see what Green puts together. How about you? Are you looking forward to the sequel to ‘Monsters’? Do you think that the success of ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ before it will spur a new emergence of giant monsters on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant