In ‘Amazing X-Men’ #5: ‘The Quest For Nightcrawler’ Part 5 we ended the book with Kurt Wagner (aka Nightcrawler) having finally returned to the land of the living. Well he may have had to give away his soul to allow that to happen but we know that he’ll always be on the side of angels. So where does that put us this issue? Well that should be obvious! Logan is throwing a party for the blue elf finally being back among the living!

What is a party without friends and family, right? We’ll have plenty of both stopping in but first the guest of honor. Kurt Wagner! Kurt. Kurt? Well it seems as if Kurt starts the issue checking on some of his own family as he makes sure Azazel’s transport to prison while in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D. goes through without a hitch. So far, so good. He BAMFS back to the party just in time for everyone to cheer him on! That everyone includes a slew of X-Men, his old ‘Excalibur’ friends Captain Britain and Meggan, as well as a surprise visit by Scott Summers and company. While Logan and Scott have a few words. everyone is too happy that their blue elf is back. It would seem everyone is having a great time!

Only the waitress doesn’t appear to be doing that great of a job and Kurt instantly knows why. He follows her into the back room and calls Mystique out for being who she really is. He claims he doesn’t want to fight with her and will let her go if she leaves right away. Only she isn’t here for Kurt. She wants to know if it’s true that Azazel is back and if so where he is. The two go at it and lead into Nightcrawler slipping on where Azazel is being transported to and Mystique is off to give chase as she is apparently furious at him.

The fight scene here is pretty great as we see Nightcrawler and Mystique both doing what they do best. I only felt that it was a little too easy for Mystique to beat him here.

That’s right, Nightcrawler gets knocked out and when he comes to the mutants are still partying and he gives in to the celebration. We see the book coming to a close on Aaron’s run on it with both Logan and Kurt stumbling out of the bar to go home, far too drunk for their own good. While there are plenty of open story lines here I’m wondering which ones will be picked up and what the tone of the comic will be moving forward with Yost on as the lead writer.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Cameron Stewart