Fans of ‘Dredd‘ who have been wanting an official sequel might have some good news on the horizon. Ever since the first film’s release, there has been a call for a follow up. While there was one released in comic form back in January that doesn’t help those of us who want to see it on the big screen. There has been so much interest that a petition was made backed by the publisher as well as a fan made series called ‘Cursed Edge‘.

While the film had been a financial failure at the box office due to a horrible marketing campaign, it did extremely well on video which gave many hope. The latest hope is from Karl Urban who was being interviewed at a ‘Star Trek’ event in Frankfurt, Germany and the first question asked to him was about a ‘Dredd’ sequel. His response? That they are in “discussions” about the film.

While that’s a little vague he did say that the discussions involved the studio, director Pete Travis and writer Alex Garland. This is a huge change from the lack of any momentum that we’ve heard in awhile, so it’s sounding like the fans might actually be getting another ‘Dredd’ film! The studio seems to have taken notice of the positive reception the movie has received once it was released on VOD and DVD. Hopefully that means a sequel will get some proper marketing and still be able to retain the hard R rating that the first held.

So fellow ‘Dredd’ fans, are you looking forward to another violent masterpiece being made to continue the series? Did you think that the first film stuck true to form to the comic? Share your thoughts below!

Source: What Culture