The first part of the crossover ended in All-New X-Men’ #22 with the Guardians suddenly showing up (if a bit late) to help prevent Jean from being abducted. This issue actually runs in parallel with the previous one so we aren’t going to be seeing that much that’ll move things forward, but it’ll make the events in the previous issue all make a lot more sense. It also helps that they tie in a few pieces that were put into play during the recent ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ story line, so things didn’t feel entirely out of place.

We open the issue with Peter Quill trying to hit on a girl at a bar. Not surprising. Shortly after, Gamora strolls in and starts harping on him that they are wanted fugitives and shouldn’t be out in the open. Also not surprising. Finally the last piece of not surprising is that Gamora ends up being a Skrull who just drugged Peter to take him back to his father. While none of this was surprising, it all fit perfectly to move the plot forward and was done in perfect Bendis style. So if you are a fan of how he’s been doing the series, you are going to enjoy this one! I know I did.

As she struggles to take her prisoner to her transport, Angela and the real Gamora stumble upon them and all hell breaks loose while Gamora tries to take the Skrull prisoner. That lasts about 30 seconds before Angela just takes the creatures head, arguing that it was a much simpler solution and she would give her spoils of war (the Skrull’s ship) to Gamora as an act of friendship.

While this is going on Rocket, Groot, and Drax are having a conversation with Tony (he stole one of their transmitters so decided to say hey) and how they don’t really care that he’s gone. I love that the entire team is out Starking Stark. That is, one upping his ego at every turn. It’s rare to see Tony put in his place this way and strangely satisfying (as well as fitting) in how they do it.

Again, at the same time we see one more event happening. The Shi’ar are alerting the Galactic Council that Jean Grey is again alive and they are taking her for sentencing. Even though there is a rule to avoid Earth at all costs and even though she hasn’t committed the actions of the Dark Phoenix (yet), it doesn’t matter – they are going in after her.

Racoon, during the whole recent ‘Infinity’ events, conveniently tapped into some of their enemies chatter and while randomly listening in, found out what was going on. Star-Lord, of course, felt they had to intervene and back to Earth they went, just in time to miss the entire take down as we already knew from the first installment.

While I truly enjoyed the issue I am hoping this will be the only pairing where we only get one half of what’s going on. I get why it was done for the start of the crossover and while I appreciate it, I don’t think that it’ll need to continue in the same viewpoint. I’d love to see both comics pushing the story forward from this point on since the two teams have now met up and not, say, ‘All-New X-Men’ just following Jean next issue while at the same time the Guardians and the rest of the X-Men are looking for where she’s being held prisoner. I get wanting to give everyone screen time but now that they’ve met up. I think we can safely just push forward full speed ahead. I hope so at least.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli