There have been some major ups and downs for Ron Howard’s adaptation of Stephen King’s book series ‘The Dark Tower’. After two studios passed on the ambitious endeavor that included three films and a television series, it seemed like the project was at the end of it’s rope. However, about four months ago, the director said that they are continuing to do everything in their power to get it done and, even though it has been a slow process, progress is being made. Now, it looks like it’s moved along even more because ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul has confirmed that he has met with Howard about potentially getting involved.

During an interview with Ain’t It Cool News at Sundance, the former Jesse Pinkman was asked about whether he’d given any thought to playing Eddie Dean, a gun-toting heroin addict. In the past, the actor had tweeted that he’d love to play the part after many fans expressed interest in it, but now Paul says that meetings have occurred and may indicate that we might get to see this fancast actually happen:

“I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of the show [‘Breaking Bad’, naturally], which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making it.”

He went on to confirm previous reports that stated Howard’s plan features telling the story through both the television and movie screens:

“I’m excited. Their goal is to do three films, but also have a television element to it, which will be very interesting. From what I hear, Eddie Dean is a pretty epic, iconic character.”

Who knows when this production will actually get off the ground, but if Aaron Paul is attached, then maybe studios might be more inclined to invest in ‘The Dark Tower’. Chances are that they won’t go for the three movies and a TV series plan right away, but with the pull of Ron Howard and the popularity of Paul provide an adequate amount of buzz, maybe things can evolve in that direction.

Do you think that Ron Howard’s adaptation of ‘The Dark Tower’ will get made sooner rather than later? If it does get made, would you like to see Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean? Let us know in the comments below.