Stargirl and Martian Manhunter have managed to escape from Firestorm’s psyche where the Crime Syndicate trapped the other Justice Leagues, but the two had their minds bonded and now share memories and are still slightly tethered together psychically.  They take on Clayface, but the battle takes a lot out of J’Onn.  The pair then head toward California so Courtney can check on her family.

Unfortunately, destruction in Denver causes them to take a detour.  They find the city exactly like Shazam’s mental prison.  Shazam is destroying buildings and cars and causing wanton destruction, because in his fantasy everything regenerated and the damage was immediately undone.  There is also a huge rampaging robot.  But the robot isn’t the real problem as they find out.

I hate to say it, but this issue just felt… clunky for lack of a better word.  And I can’t figure out where the problem lies.  Eddy Barrows drew the first part of this issue, depicting the battle with Clayface and the action sequence where Stargirl is fighting is completely really hard to comprehend.  The weird angles just made it nonsensical.  Then later, as Tom Derenick is drawing it, there are panels where the story switches between Stargirl’s present and past and it is likewise hard to comprehend.  These are two different artist rendering confusing sequences, so that also makes me wonder if it was just the way it was written.

So, unfortunately, I found this issue strictly average.  The writing was okay but choppy.  Nothing about it really impressed me, but it was okay enough.

I prefer Barrow’s art style.  It’s sleek and energetic, forgiving the confusing Clayface fight.  Derenick’s art looks… well, just like Jerry Ordway’s.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but… well, I’d never buy a book based on the fact that he drew it.

So… just because I tend to be generous, I’ll give this…




Written by Matt Kindt
Pencils by Eddy Barrows and Tom Derenick
Cover Pencils by Barrows