Startup company Natural Machines has developed a new invention called Foodini which strongly resembles the food replicator in ‘Star Trek’.

Foodini is basically a 3D printer that creates edible products. It looks no bigger than a microwave. Using an iPad-like interface, you can input what you would like to make, add the ingredients, and the Foodini can replicate your request.

For example, if you would like to make ravioli, you would put the dough and filling into the food capsule. You select “ravioli” on the device and wham! The Foodini creates the ravioli for you. All you have to do is cook it and add the sauce. You’ve just made homemade ravioli!

The Foodini can make a variety of items including quiches and chocolate candies. Furthermore, it creates your food items lightening-fast. It really is like living on the Enterprise!

Cofounder Lynette Kucsma created Foodini to encourage people to create homemade food items.

“Foodini’s main purpose is to take on the difficult and/or time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food, whether it’s in a home kitchen or a restaurant.”

To see how Foodini works, watch this video!

Source: Mashable