It’s a good couple of months for Stephen King fans. First we found that Samuel L. Jackson (‘The Avengers‘,’RoboCop‘) was joining the cast of ‘The Cell‘ followed by King himself joining Twitter (@StephenKing). We also found out the synopsis of his latest novel ‘Mr. Mercedes’, and now we hear that his short ‘New York Times at Special Bargain Rates’ is most likely being picked up in a straight-to-series order for an ongoing ABC series entitled ‘Grand Central’ for the Summer of 2014!

Once upon a time made for TV movies by Stephen King might have caused many of us to groan (and not in the suspense that his novels did), but lately that’s changed. With the success of SyFy’s ‘Haven‘ (which will be entering it’s forth season in 2014) and CBS’s ‘Under the Dome‘, clearly his work is doing well in an episodic format. With ‘Haven’ having been so successful it shouldn’t be a surprise that its writers, Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, are involved in this project as well. As a side note, they also had co-written 2 episodes of USA’s Stephen King’s ‘Dead Zone’. They clearly enjoy bringing his work to the small screen.

The short story that this new series will be based on can be found originally in the 2008 release of ‘The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction’ and later re-released in King’s collection ‘Just After Sunset’. The goal of the series is to be a “character-driven procedural with a supernatural twist.” The short story opens with a grieving wife taking a phone call from her husband. The catch? He died two days earlier in a plane crash. In the phone call, he warns her of two horrible tragedies that are about to occur and helps his wife avoid death.

I’d love to say that it could be hard to see that stretched into a full season but we all have seen how King’s work have been adapted and expanded upon in the past. With Ernst and Dunn attached, I am extremely eager to see where they go with this outline.

What do you think? Are you ready for more King material on the small screen? Does the fact that the writers of ‘Haven’ are working on it make you more or less interested? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter