Deathstorm and Power Ring confront The Flash’s Rogue’s whom were ordered to level Central City to send a message to the rest of the world: that the Crime Syndicate and the villains were now in charge.  Grodd managed to inflict quite a bit of damage before taking off.  But the others, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, The Trickster and Heatwave refuse to destroy hospitals and schools.  They are simple thieves, not world conquerors and cold blooded killers.

Trickster notices how twitchy Power Ring is… and Power Ring notices him noticing and freaks out and attacks.  But he’s the least of the Rogue’s problem as we get a better understanding of Deathstorm’s abilities and just how powerful he is.  One Rogue appears to lose his abilities!  And when they try to escape into Mirror Master’s mirror world, Power Ring interferes and they are scattered to parts unknown.

As if that weren’t enough, the Crime Syndicate places a bounty on them, sending various criminals after them to collect, starting with The Parasite!  (Well, he’s not first, but the first goofball was taken out pretty quickly.)

This group is a motley crew, not really an official team, so it’s sort of fun to see them scrambling and struggling to pull it together and save their own hides.  It’s not easy and they have a hard time with that, which is a fun contrast to reading a super heroes who seemingly always accomplish their missions.  Each character is distinct in their personality, look and power set, so their a nice mix of characters.

The story is shaping up to be something of a road trip as the characters employ Mirror Masters abilities to bounce around the DC Universe.  It’s a fun idea!

The art by Scott Hepburn is crisp, slightly cartoon-y, but suited to the colorful characters and their personalities.  He does a great job!  It’s one of those books that’s just fun to look at!

All in all, this is an off-beat book.  It’s a spin-off of one of the darker event comics DC has done, yet contrasts that completely by being fun and bright.  So far, I’m into it!



Written by Brian Buccellato
Art and Cover by Scott Hepburn