To coincide with the Blu-Ray/DVD release of ‘Man of Steel’, there will be a live event on Yahoo! on November 9th, featuring director Zack Snyder and actors Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, hosted by Kevin Smith.  The director is asking for fans to submit any questions they have, via video or tweet, which those involved will do their best to answer.

Here is the official release:

Join Director Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams with special host Kevin Smith on November 9th for a live fan event like no other on Yahoo.

The cast and crew will talk all things ‘Man of Steel’ and discuss what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton and answer your fan questions! Submit your video questions here for chance to have them answered during the live fan event:

You can also view the video “invitation” below:

The ‘Man of Steel’ Blu-Ray/DVD will be released on November 12th, which is the purpose of this event.  But the line about “What the future holds” is intriguing.  Will there be any news regarding ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, Warner Brothers’ follow up movie, which throws Ben Affleck as Batman into the mix?

Granted, the questions will be submitted in advance and specifically selected so don’t expect too many shocking details of the next film.  But will Snyder and company give anything away?  (I highly doubt anyone will address the recent news that ‘Thor’ actress Jaimie Alexander has been in talks to take on an… unspecified tall, strong, brunette role.)

It’s worth noting that the event will be hosted/moderated by Kevin Smith who was a big fan of ‘Man of Steel’ and of course was instrumental in launching Ben Affleck’s career.  So I’m sure some Affleck questions will arise, but expect all those involved to be firm supporters.

Did you like ‘Man of Steel’?  Are you looking forward to its home video release?  And does this panel sound like something you’d be intrigued by?  Feel free to leave a comment and also, make sure to submit any questions you have to the above address!

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