While attending this year’s New York Comic Con, we were able to attend a number of different events throughout that weekend. From panels to exclusive interviews, ScienceFiction.com was all over the convention center. But one night, we left the confines of the Javits Center and ventured over to the Paley Center For Media for an evening honoring ‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’ to celebrate Warner Archives’ release of the series on Blu-ray.

In attendance at this very special screening and Q&A session was Warner Archive podcasters Matt Patterson and D.W. Ferranti, dialogue director Andrea Romano, producer James Tucker, the voice of Aquaman John DiMaggio, and Batman himself, Diedrich Bader. After showing one of the many memorable episodes, the panel discussed the show at great length, but beforehand, we were able to get onto the red carpet to speak with a few of the evening’s guests to get in a few questions of our own before the audience got their hands on them. Check out the video below to see who stopped to chat:

Now, I’ve thrown around my fair share of Aquaman jokes in my lifetime, and I still do every once in a while, but John DiMaggio’s version of the character is extremely hard to dislike. Anyone who has seen the show knows that he was obviously the breakout character of the series. In fact, the panel even discussed the possibility of a spinoff for the legendary voice actor’s portrayal of the King of the Ocean. It’s a pity that never came to be because that’s something that I and legions of other fans could certainly get behind.

Were you a fan of ‘Batman: The Brave & The Bold’? Were you sad to see it go? I mentioned that one of my favorite episodes was the one with Neil Patrick Harris as the Music Meister, so what’s one of yours? Share away in the comment section!

‘Batman: The Brave & The Bold’ will be available on Blu-Ray for the first time ever on November 5, 2013.