After the incredibly disappointing teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ hit the web about a week ago, fans were worried that they’d have to wait until next year to get any real news from Lucasfilm’s new animated series. However, at this year’s New York Comic Con, we got our first look at the bad guys that our heroes will have to go toe to toe with: The Empire.

It was during the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ panel that Pablo Hidalgo introduced the world to The Inquisitor, the main villain who has been sent by Darth Vader to eliminate any and all remaining Jedi in the galaxy. However, this evildoer wasn’t the only thing that he had to show off. Those in attendance were treated to first looks at the Stormtroopers, other various minions, and the Empire’s fleet of vehicles.

One of the most interesting vessels of the Empire that was unveiled at this panel was that Imperial Troop Transporter, as seen above. Hidalgo said that the team wanted to pay tribute to the classic Kenner toy and the “cutest guns in the Empire” by adding this vehicle to the arsenal in the show.

For the rest of the con exclusive pictures including other looks at The Inquisitor and peeks at the new TIE Fighters, All Terrain Defense Pods (ATDPs), Imperial Freighters, and their respective pilots, you can check out the gallery below:

While all the new pictures were exciting, it’s also interesting to note the mini-debate that went on during the panel about how a pilot would enter a TIE Fighter. Hidalgo revealed that though the original ILM designs indicated that the entrance was in the back of the ship, the ones that will appear in the upcoming Disney XD series would open from the top, which is similar to how the toy versions of the ships are laid out. Plus, even if the ones in the original trilogy open from the back, the excuse the animators are going with is that theirs are earlier versions of the ships anyway, so they get away with it. I kid you not, this discussion went on for a good five minutes or so and for some reason, and I found it all very fascinating.

Anyway, what do you think about these first looks at the villains and their vehicles in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’? Can you think of any other Kenner toys that you hope inspire the animators on this show? Share your thoughts in the comment section.