As production ramps up on Ant-Man, everyone is speculating on who should take on the role of the title hero.  Though everyone has their favorites (Alan Tudyk), two names have emerged as the front-runners for the role and they’re pretty A-List: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd.

JGL of course starred in ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ as John ‘Robin’ Blake, so his selection is a little surprising as it’s unusual to cross from DC to Marvel.  But he has proven that he can do action, drama and comedy, which is the tone of this movie.  (Seriously, possibly the best SNL host ever!)

The other choice is sort of out of left field… Paul Rudd.  Rudd has never appeared in an action movie, much less cloaked in spandex.  He’s actually never really even been the main attraction of any movie he’s been in.  I don’t mean that to be insulting, but he’s not necessarily a draw.  I like him! He was Josh in ‘Clueless’!  What’s not to love?  But while most people know who he is, he hasn’t proven to be a leading man that automatically brings in an audience.

The pair are in contention to play scientist Hank Pym, who discovers “Pym Particles” which allow him to shrink to the size of an ant and who invents a helmet that allows him to communicate with said insects.  Director Edgar Wright has stated that the movie is basically stand-alone, so it probably won’t tie in with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Based on Wright’s history, however, it’s probably safe to assume this film will be more comedic than the existing Marvel movies.

In the comics, Ant-Man empowered his girlfriend/wife Janet with powers, turning her into The Wasp.  Both were founders of The Avengers, which obviously deviated from the movie version.  Hank Pym also reversed his shrinking powers to allow him to grow, becoming Giant-Man, then Goliath.  (Then Yellowjacket, then Dr. Pym, then The Wasp, when he thought Janet was dead.)  He is also, largely known for being an abusive husband.  I’m pretty sure that will not be part of the movie.

So are you Team Gordon-Levitt?  Or are you Team Rudd?  (Or Are you Team Tudyk?  Sorry, can’t help myself!)  Comment below!

Source Collider