Words cannot describe how much I loved this issue, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

Now, I’ve always been fairly happy with ‘Revival’, and any reviews of mine that don’t sound like that are really just me comparing it to everything else.

But this issue — this issue— was creepy in so many good ways and emotionally complicated in all the good ways creepy didn’t already take.

I love that Ibrahim, in an effort not to make things complicated, makes it way more. I love that Dana just shrugs it off. I love that Abel (the exorcist) finally makes a reappearance. I love that religious connotations are back. And I love how we get an interpretation of the ghost/alien creatures. Granted, the description comes from a little girl, so we can’t really be sure if she’s right, though I worry if she is right, because I’m truly nervous about what that would mean for Cooper.

So, Jordan is the star of this issue, and despite the fact that I think she may have far too good of an emotional understanding for someone as young as her, she does ramp up the creep factor. After all, can you think of anything creepier of a girl gouging someone’s eye out because she doesn’t want to be saved or cutting off her own eyelids so she won’t miss seeing God.

This issue, along with #13, is going to be a great start for the third volume of ‘Revival’ trades. In addition, for the first time in fourteen issues, I remember who everyone is, and that makes me beyond happy. I’m therefore totally stocked to read #15, though I think one of the reasons is I have a feeling we are going to get to see more of Brent, my favorite character. So I’m going to give this a well-deserved:


Story by Mike Norton
Art by Tim Seeley