When we first found out ab0ut the ‘Independence Day’ sequels everyone was excited. The first film was such a blast that many had hoped for a sequel for years with not much word coming out on the subject.

When more word did come out about the films it wasn’t good. One main change was happening that no one wanted to hear about and would probably cause quite a few to not be as interested in the movies.

That change?

Well it sounded like a few years ago Will Smith (‘Men in Black 3‘) wouldn’t be joining the cast. Recently we found out that this was due to him being too expensive to get on board. It was really a shame because I wanted him to punch another alien in the face.

Wonderful. So much hope was crushed right at that moment.

Now though we’ve got some great news in that director Roland Emmerich (‘The Day After Tomorrow’) is once again in talks with Will Smith to rejoin the cast as Captain Steven Hiller! (As much as I loved his character I honestly couldn’t remember that name.) Interestingly enough though on top of any monetary issues that may have originally prevented Smith from joining the cast, it also sounds like when he was promoting ‘After Earth’ that he was going to stop doing Blockbusters for awhile because ““I think I’m going to start moving out of that and finding more danger in my artistic choices.

Fortunately something decided to change his mind. Maybe it was the thought of making such a fun film with Bill Pullman (‘Torchwood‘) to hopefully give another amazing presidential speech and Jeff Goldblum (‘Jurassic Park‘) again? Maybe he wants to top the $800 million opening from the original on it’s 1996 release?

Whatever the reason it’s good to hear he’s at least back in talks. I just really hope it happens because Will Smith vs Aliens is always a fun watch!

What do you think. Would you be up for another ‘Independence Day’ without Will Smith? Are you excited to hear he may be coming back? Or are you on the bench of them chancing a sequel to such a classic film? Let us know below!

Source: Digital Spy.