Comedian Patton Oswalt is a notorious super-nerd, practically building his stand-up career on geek culture.  So of course, he was going to have opinions when it came to the most controversial comic book movie casting in ages: Ben Affleck stepping into the role of Batman.  What may surprise many, though, is his opinion isn’t the same as the whole internet’s!The comedic actor took to Facebook to defend the ‘Argo’ actor/director from the slew of attacks hurled from every direction upon the announcement.Here is Oswalt’s entire posting:

“No matter how many times you post your stupid “Fire Ben Affleck from Playing Batman” petition, I’m going to delete it and block you. Take a deep breath, and think for a second:

Yeah, the dude’s made some bad films. Every actor has. Every actor does. Every actor will. It’s a huge, arcing career and NO ONE has control over where it goes. Movie to movie, year to year, you’re collaborating and trying and risking and, sometimes, yes — failing.

Plus, everyone seems to forget that he had the world dropped in his lap when he was YOUNG. And, judging by how other suddenly-famous youngsters do in the same situation, he fared pretty well. Even when it went wrong, he seemed to keep a self-deprecating, long-view philosophy about the burning freak carousel he’d found himself on.

And then what happened? I mean, he’d fallen from a HEIGHT. You know what happens to 95% of people who weather a descent that steep? They come apart, fray at all of their sanity nodes, and give up.

But then there’s the 5% who embrace crushing defeat and see it for the gift it is. And here’s the gift: when you fail, and fail UTTERLY, you wake up the next morning and see that the world didn’t end. And then the fear of failure is gone. And you’re free. You’re free to proceed on your own terms and pace — if you have the ego that permits you to.

Ben brushed himself off, realized he’d kept his eyes open on the movies he’d done, and started directing. And he’s become a damn good one.

A Batman portrayed by someone who’s tasted humiliation and a reversal of all personal valences — kind of like Grant Morrison’s “Zen warrior” version of Batman, post-ARKHAM ASYLUM, who was, in the words of Superman, “…the most dangerous man on the planet”? Think for a second and admit that Ben Affleck is closer to THAT top-shelf iteration of The Dark Knight than pretty much anyone in Hollywood right now.

I’d write more, but I have to go work on my post about how an overweight 44 year-old comedian with bad feet and insomnia would be a bold choice for The Joker.”

It’s hard to argue, honestly!  Most of the barbs I’ve read refer to ‘Gigli’ or ‘Mallrats’, two movies that are ten and eighteen years old, respectively.  And the man has gotten nothing but accolades in recent years, since he branched out into directing.  I’ve already weighed the pros and cons, so I won’t delve too far into those here.  But Oswalt raises some valid points.  The reactions that appeared on Twitter and Facebook made it sound like David Hasselhoff had been cast.  He’s not going to put on the cowl and ask Catwoman to call him Joey from New Kids on the Block.

So now that we’ve had time to process, are fans overreacting to this casting news?  Do you think Affleck can pull off the complexities of playing… y’know a cartoon character?  Or do you still think he’ll suck?  Comment below!

Source: Blastr