Last season, The Huntress encountered the title hero of ‘Arrow.’  This upcoming season, producers have already announced that Black Canary is joining the fray, and the “no powers” rule appears to be relaxing as Barry Allen, The Flash will not only appear on the show, but is also being cued up for his own spin-off.  But is another, even more outlandish DC hero also going to pop up on The CW’s action hit?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted a drawing of a van, bearing this logo:

Of course, Metamorpho is DC’s resident “Element Man” able to morph himself into any chemical combination necessary, shifting his form into a variety of handy tools for any given situation.  Formerly, Rex Mason, he was a soldier of fortune until he was exposed to the Orb of Ra, which altered his body structure.

The hero is a long-running DC character and has served in the Justice League for long stints, but even so, he is a somewhat left field choice for television.  His powers would be extremely expensive to replicate, especially on a TV budget.  And there are dozens of bigger names that would make better sense to be showcased on ‘Arrow.’  Why, Metamorpho isn’t even present in the current DC Universe… well, unless you count “Batman Incorporated” which played fast and loose with “The New 52” continuity.

Then again, maybe the van is simply an Easter Egg wink to fans.  No announcements have been made of Rex Mason actually popping up on the show, unlike Black Canary and The Flash.  So perhaps this is simply akin to some of the similar Easter Eggs in ‘Man of Steel.’

What do you think?  Are you hoping to see the Element Man pop up in live-action?  Or would you rather producers focus on bigger names and leave Metamorpho on the side of a van?  Comment below!