Since the new ‘Terminator’ films will not be following ‘Terminator: Salvation’,  fans of the new series might be a bit disappointed not knowing how the story was supposed to end. With Terminator 5 starting a new trilogy, it’s clearly not going to be continuing the story of the last film in the franchise. Fortunately those with questions are going to be getting some answers and soon!

In a press release from Dark Horse Comics, not only do we learn that a  new ‘Terminator’ comic book will be coming that will be written by J Michael Straczynski (‘Before Watchmen’) and illustrated by Pete Woods (‘Deadpool’), but it will also be a 12-issue series to wrap things up.

Anyone who has followed the ‘Terminator’ comics shouldn’t be too surprised about this. Dark Horse has been publishing ‘Terminator’ comics since 1990 and has put out a multitude of stand alone stories, movie tie ins and crossovers throughout the years.

One of the fun aspects of this new series is that it will also be focusing on the creation of Skynet, the Artificial Intelligence that becomes self aware and leads to the near destruction of mankind.

Straczynski had this to say about his vision:

“The story that I’ve always wanted to see visualized, and that I think other fans of the movies have eagerly anticipated, is the battle that set all of the movies into motion – the assault on Skynet, the Terminators going through and what happens afterwards on both sides of the timeline, So the events weave in and out of the tapestry of the Terminator, showing what we know or what we think we know, then turning the camera around to show us that what we thought we knew may not be exactly what happens. The only timeline in which you could set that story would be after Salvation.”

So while it appears to be a sequel to ‘Salvation’,  the story seems to primarily be centered on Skynet because Straczynski  wants to really focus on how it came to power.

Want to know how Salvation could have ended? Or more importantly are you curious as to the rise of Skynet? ‘Terminator: The Last Battle’ is lining up to answer both of these and more!