Things have sort of stagnated in the world of The Walking Dead comic books, but it appears that things will come to a head in the coming months, as creator Robert Kirkman revealed at Image Expo, that the comic series will be going bi-weekly for a 12-part storyline entitled “All Out War.”

Kirkman stated that “The story will show civilization rebuilding, and with civilization comes conflict.”

That conflict appears to arise between four factions which will emerge over the next few months.  Rick Grimes’ team, the major stars of the series, will apparently be known as the Survivors.  Archenemy Negan’s brutal alliance will be known as the Saviors.  The recently introduced ally, Ezekiel, appears to lead the Kingdom, while Hilltop will be splitting off into its own group.  Of course, nothing is cut and dry.  For one thing, Michonne has caught the fancy of Ezekiel and she doesn’t seem too resistant to the idea of being with him.  Whose side will Jesus take?  What about Maggie and Sophia who just relocated to Hilltop?

Also, looking at the promotional artwork, it appears Carl is continuing his trip down Badass Lane.  You go, Carl!

Check out these promotional images:

Which team are you?  Survivors?  Saviors?  Kingdom?  Hilltop?  Who do you think might make it out alive and who don’t you expect to see after this storyline?  Is two times the Walking Dead a month too much of a good thing?  Sound off below in the comments section!