It’s convention season again and is ready to bring you some coverage of the coolest cons this summer. Over on the East Coast, we teamed up with the Pretentious Film Majors once more to visit Wizard World Philadelphia last weekend to chat with a few big names in comics, film, and television.

The first interview we have for you is with Leinil Yu, an acclaimed artist whose work can be seen in the 2008 Marvel crossover ‘Secret Invasion’, ‘Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk’, ‘Superman: Birthright’, and Mark Millar’s ‘Superior’. The Filipino penciller and inker first came to prominence by winning Wizard’s Drawing Board contest and being hired to do work for Wildstorm before moving on to the House of Ideas to work on ‘Wolverine’ during the later part of the 90s. Since then, his cover and interior work can be seen all over the Marvel Universe.

In our chat with Yu, he talks about working with Mark Waid and Bruce Banner on ‘Indestructible Hulk’, his involvement in the upcoming ‘Infinity’ crossover event, and his love for all things sci-fi, which makes something like Jonathan Hickman’s epic story very much in his wheelhouse. You can check out everything this Marvel Comics mainstay had to say in the video below:

Are you excited to see what sort of things come out of Leinil Yu’s pencil during ‘Infinity’ and beyond? Let us know what you think of his interview with us in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned for more from Wizard World Philly in the coming days.