It’s hard to believe that ‘Man of Steel’ is only 23 days away from landing in theaters, therefore, it’s best to be prepared for the marketing onslaught that is sure to come as the date looms near. Warner Bros. is kicking off the promotion by releasing the final trailer for the film and it clearly shows that they have been keeping the best for last.

The trailer, called ‘Fate of Your Planet’, starts off similarly like the General Zod viral video released last month with the ominous beginning that “[we] are not alone” and continues with the alien villain again giving the people of Earth a warning to surrender Kal-El to him. To his fellow Kryptonian, Zod threatens to make his new home suffer if he doesn’t submit.

The trailer is filled with lots of new footage and while the previous trailers have centered on Clark’s journey to find himself, ‘Fate of Your Planet’ clearly shows that ‘Man of Steel’ will have lots of action, drama and tension one expects from a superhero film.

I’m actually excited about this movie after watching this trailer and really think ‘Man of Steel’ has the potential to jump start the Superman franchise just like the Christopher Reeve film did. Since the progress of a Justice League movie will be determined by the box office receipts of ‘Man of Steel’, if we were to judge the success of the film on this trailer alone, I would say Warner Bros should just start the casting process for the JL movie now.

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Directed by Zack Snyder, ‘Man of Steel’ stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fisburne, Antje Traue and Russell Crowe and opens in 3D on June 14th.