If you’re a fan of Office Space and, well, space, you should definitely be watching Dark Minions.

Dark Minions is an animated Amazon pilot created by and starring Kevin Sussman and John Ross Bowie, two co-stars from the Big Bang Theory. The show centers on Mel and Andy, two slackers who are employed in your everyday entry-level temp positions, except it’s for the Galactic Conglomerate ruled by an evil space overlord.

After being assigned the mindless task of reconnaissance – logging (think data entry) on a nearby planet, the duo encounter Carly and Lance, members of a rebel organization. Romantic sparks fly between Carly and Mel. Bromatic sparks (amidst a cloud of bong smoke) fly between Andy and Lance. As a result, Mel and Andy disobey protocol to save the rebels and we, the audience, have to keep our fingers crossed that this pilot goes to series to find out what happens.

Though the world of Dark Minions takes place on a fantastical space station, if you’ve ever worked a mind-numbing temp job, you’ll nod in appreciation. Your boss may not be an evil overlord, but you can certainly relate to losing your dollar in a broken vending machine after a day of receiving passive-aggressive office memos.

Dark Minions shows that even space is filled with bureaucratic nonsense. A coworker’s explanation of the difference between the space station’s quadrants and sectors is reminiscent to the way your jaw clenches when I.T. tells you to restart your computer every time Excel freezes.

With fresh dialogue, the relationship between Mel and Andy seems like a real friendship. You’re incredibly entertained as they begin to question their choice to work in the monotonous (oh, and also evil) world of an intergalactic dictatorship.

If there is a glimmer of hope, Mel and Andy will take a stand in their own slacker-y way and, in this universe, Amazon will let this keenly amusing show go to series.