It’s news that ‘True Blood’ fans have been waiting for since the finale last August. HBO has announced that Season 6 of the vampire series will begin on June 16th.

This will mark the first season without ‘True Blood’ creator Alan Ball at the helm. Ball was replaced by Mark Hudis in May who himself was replaced by writer-producer Brian Buckner earlier this month.

The series will also bring about a few new additions to the cast including Jurnee Smollett-Bell (‘Friday Night Lights’) as do-gooder Nicole Wright, Karolina Wydra (‘House’) as the sexy and dangerous vampire Violet, Luke Grimes (‘Taken 2’, ‘Brothers and Sisters’), Amelia Rose Blaire (‘Grimm’, ‘Touch’) and Rutger Hauer (‘Sin City’, ‘Ladyhawke’) as a mysterious figure who has deep ties to Sookie (Anna Paquin).

Season 6 will be the first of 10 episodes with the premiere episode to be directed by Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill Compton on the series. The shortened season is due to Paquin’s pregnancy so it will be very interesting to see the many ways the show will be camouflaging her condition.

So mark your calendars, ‘True Blood’ fans, as we’ll soon see be seeing our favorite gang from Bon Temps beginning June 16 at 9PM/8 C on HBO!