This issue starts off with Preet, a humble thief has inherited the power of the House of Turquoise granting him shape-shifting powers, but he needs turquoise crystals to accomplish these changes, so he decides to infiltrate the palace.  Amaya is excelling at her studies as she learns to create light-generating amethysts.  Her lessons finished, she and Ingvie head toward the treasury.  Ingvie reveals that everything she sees or experiences, she remembers.  This ties into House Citrine’s role as the archivists of Nilaa.  Ingvie explains some of the ins and outs of the way the different Houses interact.

Once inside the Treasury, however, Amaya inadvertently catches Preet, but argues that the thief is stealing from himself, since it’s clear he has inherited the power of the House of Turquoise.  Also, sparks fly.

On Earth, John Constantine hatches a nefarious plot and sends Eclipso to Nilaa in order to get him off the planet.  It turns out Eclipso, powered by a black diamond, is actually FROM the Gemworld.  Constantine manipulates Amaya in order to smuggle the villain to their dimension.  Once he is on Nilaa, the carnage begins.

I love how rich writer Christy Marx is making Nilaa’s history.  She’s doing a great job of world-building, giving each House a different power and role and establishing complex interactions.  The characters are excellently and uniquely written.  I really love Amaya and her friendship with Ingvie and now a possible budding romance with Preet.  It’s also refreshing to see a functional mother-daughter relationship, between Amaya and Graciel.  Honestly, everything about this book seems fresh and different from any other book out there.  A lot of thought was given to it.  I completely enjoy every issue I read!  Excellent writing and truly beautiful artwork, there’s nothing to dislike.  (Well, I take that back.  I’m not really loving the Stalker backup.)

It’s also interesting that they’re tying this book to Eclispo.  It makes perfect sense and helps to flesh that classic super villain out even further.

Even though this series is ending soon, I can’t endorse it enough!  Give it a shot!


Written by Christy Marx
Art by Aaron Lopresti
Written by Marc Anoreyko
Art by Anorei Bressan
Cover by Aaron Lopresti