The FF series was the Future Foundation portion of the Fantastic Four prior to the relaunching of the Marvel titles. When Reed, Sue, Johnny, and The Thing went off on their little space adventure, they didn’t want to take the children of the Future Foundation with them. Since their travel was supposed to be partially based off of a time travel device they were going to be gone mere moments.

Reed always being a planner wanted to make sure that the world had a Fantastic Four and that the children had supervisors in case things took a bit longer than expected. Fortunately for the world, they put this plan into place. Unfortunately for Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Miss Thing, they put this plan into place! Obviously the first family didn’t come back quite as quickly as expected and now we’re following the adventures of the temporary FF.

While the team itself hasn’t been getting along that great they haven’t had to do that much quite yet. We did just see the ‘return of the Human Torch’ from the future prior to this issue. While the man claims to be Johnny he honestly isn’t acting like the one we have all known.

That isn’t being overly addressed in this issue. What we are seeing is She-Hulk having a “Not a Date” with her almost husband, Wyatt Wingfoot. As the Moloids have fallen head over heals in love with her, they embrace their ‘super villain side’ and stop this event from going through. They don’t know how to do it alone though so pull in some help from one of the other children, Bentley (a clone of the Wizard) into embracing his evil side and help out too.

It’s an issue full of hi-jinx as they follow the couple around trying to ruin the date. Each of their plans fail and actually bring the two closer together. The ending really works with the feel of the series between them.

While the entire issue is cute and appears to be based on the relationship between the two the last few pages show us that isn’t the case at all. The entire case was to show what Bentley is thinking from constantly failing at what he tries. It also shows that someone wants to help him succeed in his future goals and that someone is quite the surprise as it would appear that Medusa of all people is trying to groom him to do whatever it is that he wants to do.

If you are in the mood for some lighthearted Marvel moments that are given to you by a writer who really knows his source material this is an issue to get. The art fully stands out too as the character’s emotions (and the uncertainty between She-Hulk and her ex) practically fly off the page.

After a week of just reading about mutants fighting, it was refreshing to have such a fun issue to end with. Still though, it didn’t feel to truly move the plot along aside from a potential device with the last couple of panels. It didn’t feel like a cliffhanger and a major story arc though with what else is going on in the book.

While I won’t be able to help myself from continuing to read the series through whatever mischief the supposedly returned Human Torch is up to they are going to have to really work my interest to keep me reading the series full time.

Writer: Matt Fraction
Cover Artist: Mike Allred