Every good Doomsday (Zombie) Prepper knows that around every corner could lie an uncaring member of the undead, but what makes post-apocalyptic stories so interesting is the myriad different human interactions and relationships possible, and how our increasingly jaded survivors deal with this reality. ‘The Walking Dead’ has explored a lot of the basic scenarios anyone might resort to right out of the gate — finding other survivors, safety in numbers, helping those who need it. But soon afterward, the common tropes pop up warning of the dangers associated with such a fair and just pre-apocalypse outlook — dangerous personality clashes, people who aren’t what they seem, even just an extra mouth to feed with supplies dwindling.

These three promos released in anticipation of March 3rd airing of ‘The Walking Dead: Clear’ touch on just how wise, or cynical, our survivors have become.

My favorite part of these promos is watching Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl. He’s an amazingly talented young actor, able to emote a stoic and mature attitude during the more grim scenes, while retaining a shred of humanity that seems to be lost in the adult characters. Without having seen the coming episode, the preview of the car passing the hitchhiker promises to be one of the more powerful we’ve seen this season, and with barely any dialogue at all.

Fans of the series and comic book alike have been hoping for more of a glimpse into the ever-taciturn Michonne’s inner workings, and this coming episode seems poised to deliver her ruthless brand of action and a bit of relationship building if nothing else.

Tune in to AMC on March 3rd to see the episode in its entirety.