Comic book writer Peter David suffered a stroke last weekend and his wife recently posted that things are going well, but rehab will be a long road.  (She amusingly noted that he spent part of his time working on an X-Factor script.)  David is famous for his work on comics such as the afore mentioned X-Factor, which he enjoyed two runs on, a twelve-year run on The Incredible Hulk as well as Aquaman, Young Justice, Supergirl and his creator-owned Fallen Angel.  In addition, he has written for television, Babylon 5, Ben 10, Space Cases (which he created) and Young Justice and he has even penned several novels.  More on that in a bit.

Though David has insurance, his medical bills are still enormous and he and his wife have posted a message to fans that are hoping to help in some way.  But rather than asking for money, they are directing fans to buy his novels from Crazy-8 Press.  If fans are unable to make a purchase, they are asking them to at least take to the internet and spread the word to others.

David’s titles available are:

Pulling Up Stakes Part 1
Pulling Up Stakes Part 2 (Brand new)
This is one novel broken into two pieces. This is the cover blurb:
Sick of vampire books? Movies? TV shows? Yeah. So are we. Sick of the entire unlife of vampires? Yeah. So is Vince Hammond. Unfortunately, Vince is in it up to his (wait for it) neck. Because Vince is a young vampire hunter who lives with his vampire hunter mother in an entire community of vampire hunters, who in turn are part of a cult of vampire hunters going back all the way to the French Revolution, which many believe to be an uprising of the poor against the rich but was actually a massive purging of vampires from the French nobility (hence the guillotine)

The Camelot Papers
A powerful ruler who’s considered by many to be simple-minded and vacuous and has serious father issues. A no-nonsense, polarizing woman who favors pants suits and pursues dubious agendas involving social needs. A remarkably magnetic leader of men with a reputation as a skirt-chaser. A scheming, manipulative adviser who is constantly trying to control public perceptions. A man seen as the next, great hope for the people, except there are disputes over his background and many contend he’s not what he appears to be.
George W? Hillary and Bill? Karl Rove? Obama?
Try Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and Galahad.
Whatever you think of the state of today’s politics, The Camelot Papers shows you just how little matters have changed in the past thousand years or so. The Camelot Papers presents a fresh perspective on Arthurian legend by using modern day sensibility and combining it with a classic tale to bring a new insight into iconic characters.

The Hidden Earth Saga of which there are two published and the third is in the works.

Darkness of the Light (book 1 of the Hidden Earth saga)
Height of the Depths (Book 2 of the Hidden Earth saga)

These are science fiction mixed with mythological creatures and the fate of the Universe hangs in the balance. Big epic sweeping books with those great characters that Peter is famous for writing.

The books are even available digitally, so if you are a fan and if you can help, please do so and if you can’t at least tweet or Facebook this so other fans can.