If there’s one thing learned so far from the prequels and trailers for the ‘Doctor Who’ episode, ‘ The Snowmen,’ it’s that the Doctor has gone to a dark place still agonizing over the sudden and heartbreaking departure of his last companions, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), due to the Weeping Angels. In this new clip for the special, viewers will see how dark the Doctor has really gone.

The scene occurs early on in the episode as the Doctor is examining the type of snow that has fallen. Even with Strax’ rather exuberant militaristic suggestions and his observation that the Time Lord’s attitude leaves much to be desired, the Doctor is still determined not to get involved stating that after a thousand years of saving the universe he has learned that “the universe doesn’t care.”

Yes, it is a dark and brooding Doctor that will be coming on Christmas Day that only a new companion can snap him out of his melancholy.

The promotional material just gets better and better with each new prequel and images (the new interior of the TARDIS will need some time getting used to, don’t you think?). So grab a handful of jelly babies and jammy dodgers and watch how different the Doctor is in the clip below. Then let us know how excited you are for the return of ‘Doctor Who!’

Source: BBC